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Private Tours & Transfers in Corfu Island

The best way to see Corfu

Whether you are on a cruise with a stopover in Corfu or you are on vacation there, the best way to utilize your time and see the most of Corfu is by arranging for a private tour in Corfu. There are plenty of companies that offer this service; the best way to decide is to book online while you are booking your hotel or other accommodation. The companies that offer private tours in Corfu have reliable, good air conditioned cars with trained and friendly staff. They will help make use of your time by showing you around in Corfu, and you can be relaxed that you and your family or friends are in safe hands.

With guided private tours in Corfu, you can learn more about its heritage, culture as well as history. You get to see and know Corfu in a way normal tourists don’t, you can go wine and olive oil tasting, all the while drinking in the scenic beauty of the beauty green Corfu Island. The restaurants these private tour companies take you to have excellent food, they don’t waste your time with inane nonsense, the guides are passionate and take you around where you couldn’t go on your own.

Whether you choose to tour around for a couple of hours or days, the companies set the pace and your itinerary covers everything, if you wish, you could ask beforehand to indulge in activities of interest like hiking, trekking or water sports. The guides can show you places where tourists don’t usually visit; these are special, out of the way spots where you can really enjoy yourself away from crowds. Whether you book beforehand (always recommended) or you choose to do so last minute, the tour companies are quite gracious and accommodate you accordingly.

The locals are quite friendly; so many a times your guide stops by local cafes so you may hang out with the locals and have their delicious coffee and pastries. You may even stop by impromptu to taste figs, olives and grapes from their trees. Since the driver cum guide is perfectly trained, they leave you alone to enjoy your time in the beach or by the swimming pool; all in all, private tours in Corfu won’t leave you disappointed and will definitely make your trip a memorable one.

You needn’t worry about how to communicate in Corfu; everyone speaks English, so that makes your guided tours even more easily. The drivers are well versed with the place so it’s always better that you have a tour instead of bumbling around and trying to discover the place on your own. Most of the companies offer comfortable cars, with a few that even offers Mercedes Benz. It’s always safe to have a map of your own, but the guides are sure to show you places on Corfu that aren’t even on the map. The most beautiful, breathtaking spots, perfect for pictures can be found in these guided private tours in Corfu.