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Private Tours & Transfers in Corfu Island

Shopping to do in Corfu

Teraccota shop CorfuWhat vacation would be complete without shopping there? Corfu has plenty to offer to its visitors, given below are a few places you can buy local handicrafts and jewelry from. All these shops are located within Corfu Town, and what visit to Corfu would be complete without visiting its town center? You will find plenty of places that recommend restaurants, activities and museums but hardly any mention the shops and the handicraft sold there.

  • Ceramic Art – This shop is located in the old section of Corfu Town and is owned by Kostas Panaretos and Klio Brenner. They create unique and stunning pieces of ceramic using ancient Greek techniques. Here you can find various plates and vases inspired by Greek mythology and history. An ideal place to go find something unique to decorate your home and remember your excellent vacation.
  • Fos Tis Anatolis –Fos Tis Anatolis means Light of the East. Located near the Cavalieri Hotel, everything you find here has a heavy Greek influence, whether it is the lamps, rugs, jewelry or even clay ornaments.
  • Mironis Olive Wood – As the name suggests, everything is made from olive wood, and you can see the pieces being created a well. A pretty awesome shop with some adorable knick knacks like jewelry, bowls, sculptures of various sizes, etc.
  • Nikos Jewelry – Nikos’s specialty lies in sculptures but he makes jewelry as well. The jewelry is made of gold and silver and the sculptures of bronze. His inspiration is the sea and his pieces unique, a bit expensive, but if you wish you buy something unique and Greek in style, this is the place to shop in.
  • Rolandos – This guy is seriously talented, he paints and does pottery, and you can see him live in action at his shop. His hands seem to work on their own accord and the result is just phenomenal.
  • Stella – An intriguing shop where you can find varied items like religious icons and statues, handmade dolls in traditional Greek costume, stone sculptures, etc. At Stella’s you can find some souvenir to take back with you that is uniquely Greek and a perfect reminder to your perfect holiday.
  • Terracotta – This is another unique shop where you can find ceramic art, jewelry, and the likes. A must visit.

The above are just a few of the shops that Corfu has to offer. Instead of buying your souvenirs from somewhere else, try these shops and you will surely find something appealing to take back home. These shops also provide the perfect avenue to buy little knick knacks for your family back home as well as interesting home decorating items that will enhance the beauty of your house and at the same time stand as a reminder of your vacation to this fun and relaxing island of Corfu. If you choose to have some sort of guided tour in Corfu, your guide too can show you many awesome places to shop from.