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Private Tours & Transfers in Corfu Island

Must see sites in Corfu

Corfu old fortress entrance

Corfu is one of the best places to visit on a vacation, also known as Kerkyra in Greek; it is one of the most popular holiday destinations of the world. With plenty of lush vegetation, architecture, villages, beaches and the likes, Corfu has something to offer to everyone. Mostly dependant on tourism, the locals are friendly and helpful with a very low crime rate. It is the ideal place to visit whether you are off solo, with family or a group of friends. The hotels in Corfu are quite good with a wide range of facilities available for every budget.

If you aren’t looking to stay in a hotel, there are plenty of other types of accommodations available suit your needs; these include apartments, villas and bed and breakfasts. The cuisines available in their local taverns and restaurants are exquisitely Greek with a mix of continental dishes, but the local delicacies are absolutely recommended. Given below are a few places to check out when in Corfu:

  • Moraitika – It is a village which got recently developed and is now open to tourists. It has a rocky beach on its coast, where apart from enjoying the sunsets and the crystal clear waters, you can go scuba diving as well. There are plenty of hotels in Corfu in and around Moraitika where travelling has been made easy through public transport. You could even rent a car or a boat to check out the place or get to and fro around Corfu. Since it hasn’t been touched yet by commercialism, it is a beautifully quaint place you will never forget.
  • Trailriders Horse Trekking – These are horseback riding stables where everything is clean, the people very friendly and the horses as well as stables in great shape. If you know horse riding, you can inform them and you can practice your skills there instead of trotting with the beginners. It is highly recommended and a sure treat for family and loners alike.
  • Church of Saint Spiridon – This church is about three hundred years old with some beautiful and rare religious relics and icons. The architecture is a wonder and relics awe-inspiring.
  • Mount Pantokrator – These mountains have a beautiful view of the whole of Corfu and there even some trails made for hiking as well as trekking.
  • Canal D Amour – The Channel of love is quite lovely, made from the canals in the rocks of the sea. The water is calm and soothing and you can also swim in it, people dive off from the rocks into the canal, a once in a lifetime experience not to miss.
  • The Old Fort – An ancient ruin, a spectator to the numerous battles fought on this land, witness to the different occupations which included Greek, Roman as well as French. A pleasant retreat and a great pass time for those interested in the history of the place.

Corfu Aquarium – This vast aquarium has an interesting collection of the different fish and reptiles of the Mediterranean. A treat for kids and adults alike.