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Private Tours & Transfers in Corfu Island

Looking for Transfer Services in Corfu?

Arriving to Corfu isn’t much of a hassle, but getting from the airport or seaport to your accommodation and then from your accommodation to other parts of Corfu can be quite a hassle, even frightening if it’s your first time there. The constant worry of being mugged or fooled by the taxi drivers is something that can put a dampener on anyone’s holiday mood. This is why it is recommended that you book yourself for transfers in Corfu. A company handling transfers in Corfu will ensure that you are met at the airport by a person well versed in your preferred language be it English, Spanish, Italian, any other language you are comfortable in.

The person then handles all your baggage needs as well as completes any other port related formalities quickly. Then he whisks you off to your booked accommodation. The companies that handle transfers in Corfu can also provide guided tours and excursions around the island. Booking with these companies ensures that you are at peace and quite safe. No worries will hound you as you go about from place to place. All the drivers are licensed and the cars are all equipped with air conditioners and in good shape as well. The guides speak various languages, so communicating isn’t a problem. The guides show you around and utilize time in an efficient manner to make most of it. They you places that normal tourists are not capable of reaching.

The shops, taverns and restaurants in remote quiet areas are all fabulous and the guide makes sure that you have a great time in Corfu. You get to indulge in various pleasure activities like sun bathing, swimming, diving, wine and olive tasting, etc. Some places are far from the usual tourist hotspots and give you a chance to truly appreciate the beauty of Corfu. The historic monuments and museums are interesting, fun and greatly increase your knowledge about the place. The locals are pretty friendly and warm, and you have a chance to meet and greet with them up close and personally.

Whichever time of the year you go to Corfu, the companies offering transfers in Corfu are always available at your service. All you have to do is book your tickets, accommodation and then transfers online. Booking ahead of time is always preferable, and some companies even offer a discount if you book with them in advance. Always recheck your confirmation in order to avoid unnecessary hassles like being double booked or cancelled. Make sure that the company you choose to book with is reliable and you can always check their blog or recommendations by other travelers.

Transfers in Corfu is an easy and reliable way to go from place to place and ensures that you have a hassle free, fun filled vacation without any hitches. Avoid the trouble of hailing a cab and then being cheated on the fare, choose transfers in Corfu and avoid all such troubles. After all, Corfu means fun and relaxed holidaying.