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Private Tours & Transfers in Corfu Island


Church in Kanoni (Vlacherna)

Kanoni is located 4 km from the southern part of the town. There, you can enjoy the wonderful view and admire the emblem of the island, Pontikonisi.

Kanoni was named after a battery stationed there by the French Republicans in 1798. A canon, remnant of this tumultuous period, still exists on the small square. The view is very fine, especially when all shades of green and blue are set aglow in the sunset. The islet with the monastery of the Panayia of Vlacherna (17th century) is connected to the land by a narrow bridge. On August 15th, a celebration takes place there.

A little further, there is another verdurous islet, the famous Pontikonisi with the Byzantine church of Saint Panteleymon on it. According to tradition this islet was once the Phaeacian ship that brought Ulysses to Ithaca and which was petrified by the god Poseidon in his wrath.

Mon Repos        

Mon Repos has been the summer palace of the Greek Royal family. It was built in 1831 by the British Governor sir Frederick Adam for his wife. In 1864, the king George I bought it and gave it the name Mon Repos. Prince Philippe, duc of Edinburgh, was born there. During World War II, Mon Repos was occupied by the Italians. In 1994, the palace was abandoned. After, the Greek Government has confiscated it and now it is a museum.