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Private Tours & Transfers in Corfu Island

Ideas For Private Tours In Corfu


Whether you plan to spend just a day or more than that in Corfu, you can plan plenty of private tours in Corfu. There are plenty of companies that are dedicated just for your entertainment and pleasure on this island. Sometimes the accommodation that you stay in could plan your tours for you. Whether you wish to go olive oil or wine tasting, or you wish to see the neighboring islands private tour companies make it all possible and that to at a reasonable price. Private tours in Corfu can also include seeing the main attractions and sites within the island as well. You could arrange to see the museums, villages, beaches, other historical monuments s part of a group. Given below are a few ideas of what all you can see as part of the private tours in Corfu.

  • Paxos & Antipaxos Blue Caves

A ten hour private tour available from May to October. The guides can speak in English, Russian, German as well as French. You pass by Paxos and onto the Blue sea caves, where the water is so clear, you will awestruck. You go on and see the second cave after which you visit Antipaxos and can relax on its beaches as well as swim there. From Antipaxos, you go back to Paxos where you can wander around and have lunch at one of the taverns there. The port of Paxos is near the central square, so you can see everything without wandering too far. After that, you go back to the port of Corfu from where you can be dropped off to your hotel or other accommodation.Paxos and parga

  • Parga and Paxos

Another tour that lasts for ten hours (a full day) and guides that are multilingual are available. You depart from the Corfu port and dock onto Paxos, you spend a little tine exploring the island and shopping as well as snacking or you could have a delicious local meal as well. Then after a while you dock onto Parga, in the Greek mainland, that seems like a little island. There’s plenty to see here as well and you are given ample of time to check the place out.

  • Paleokastritsa

A boat trip lasting seven and a half hours, where you check out spectacular beaches of Paleokastritsa that can only be accessed by boat, you explore the Nausika caves which are famous for its underwater colorful rocks. You also get to see the San Nicolas cave and the Blue Eye caves as well. Apart from this, you get to see the various monumental locations and places of Paleokastritsa that have a deep historical background.

Then there are various full day and half day tours that can be done by car or boat and you are given a driver as well as guide to take you around to places you have chosen to see. This is ideal for repeat visitors of Corfu who have already seen bit of Corfu but wish to explore more.