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Private Tours & Transfers in Corfu Island

An introduction about the transfer services in Corfu

Transfers Corfu Buses at Port

Ah Corfu! Heaven on earth, Eden’s garden, the Emerald Isle, all these nicknames have been rightfully earned. The beautiful beaches, wondrous monuments, scenic beauty as well as nature at its best with wildflowers, exotic birds and wildlife all in one package. One of the best holiday destinations in town, also a stopover port for many cruises; now obviously to go from airport to your accommodation or from the port to your accommodation or for sightseeing, you need a company that deals in transfers in Corfu. These companies take the responsibility of taking you from the airport or other port to not only your accommodation but also can take you sightseeing.

These companies that deal with transfers in Corfu have a fleet of shuttles, buses, minivans as well as taxis. Whether you want transfer services for a sports team, wedding, cruises, airport or hotel, these are the companies you seek. They make your travelling and stay a much more comfortable aspect, especially if you are travelling in a large group. If you wish to avail VIP services, these companies get right to it. Regardless of the season, transfers in Corfu are easy to avail. The companies offer you professional staff well versed with the protocol system as well as fluent in Greek and English or any other language you preferably request.

You can even get these companies to arrange for guided tours around the island as well as mainland of Greece, cruises and other excursions like walking trips, hiking, trekking, horse riding as well as scuba diving can be arranged by these companies. Make sure that you book in advance for transfers in Corfu to save your time as well as money. Some of these companies offer discounts and special rates depending on the advance booking. You are guaranteed the best of customer care as well as getting your money’s worth.

The crime rate in Corfu is pretty low; but still, if you arrange for your transfer in Corfu by these companies, you’ll feel a lot safer as well as punctual and you can get a lot of services in one go. Some companies even offer private tours and daily sightseeing in an all inclusive package. If you wish to customize your own excursions, that option too is available. These companies start your vacation on a high note and straightaway, you needn’t worry about any hassles at the airport or any other place as these companies have access to such areas and their staff takes care of all the formalities.

When visiting a foreign land, one might be a bit apprehensive about getting mugged in a taxi or on the way to or from the airport, these transfer companies put your mind at ease as they have reliable and trained staff to take care of all such things. Transfer service companies make your holidays complete with minimum delays and troubles, this is the reason it’s very popular with holiday goers and tourists alike..