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Private Tours & Transfers in Corfu Island

All about transfer bus services in Corfu

Transfer Companies in Corfu

There are plenty of companies that offer transfers in Corfu, some of them are bus services that provide transfers as well as excursions and other outings here. All of these transfer companies are friendly and professional that work to please its clients. Whether you opt for their customized tours and excursions or tailor-make one of your own, you are always welcome all year round. You get a good worth for your money and the staff is well mannered, polite and speak in English or any other language you require. The companies that provide transfers in Corfu provide transportation from the airport (in Corfu, I. Kapodistrias) to your hotel and vice versa. They even offer these transfer services from your hotel to the excursion or private tour of your choice.

The morning tours are more flexible and you can be easily customized to your wishes, but the evening tours don’t have that flexibility or option as their modes of transportation are already in use at that hour. Book in advance to get the best package for your excursion or trip as well as transfers in Corfu. The airport transfers in Corfu ensure that you have a trained English speaking (or other language you prefer) staff waiting for you and handles all your baggage professionally. He then promptly whisks you away to your hotel for you to start off your vacation on a high note.

Various Transfer Services

The companies offering transfers also offer various services including guides and maps for you to enjoy the Corfu trail. The trail is approximately 220 kms and runs through the island. You get to see the beautiful rustic side of Corfu, away from the commercialism and tourist hotspots. Here you get to see the various aspects of the island and witness its beauty and magnificence thoroughly. The trail has some eleven daily walks that run through different terrains including sandy beaches. The best time to visit these trails is from February to June and September to November.

Shore Excursions

The bus services companies even offer shore excursions of Corfu as well as the Greek mainland. The guides remain with you throughout the tour and offer you fascinating insights to the history and heritage of Corfu as well as Greece. They are licensed companies and offer you the highest standard of operation. You can follow their trips as is or make up one of your own to suit your requirements. So whether you are in Corfu for a day or a longer holiday, make sure you book with such companies in advance to make the most of your time and money here.

The guides are delightful and show you the Corfu that you as a normal tourist wouldn’t be able to see on your own. The shops they take you to and the out of the way taverns and restaurants are all highly appreciated. You get to pick out stuff you wouldn’t get in a normal souvenir shop and the sights are all awe inspiring. So make use of your time in Corfu and book with a company specializing in transfers and such.