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Private Tours & Transfers in Corfu Island

A few excursions ideas in Corfu for first time travellers

Shopping in Corfu SpiliaGoing somewhere new for the first time can be a bit nerve wracking. This is why if you are planning on going for a vacation to some place you haven’t been before, it is advisable to book your excursions beforehand. Corfu, being one of the top most holiday destinations of the world can be a fun experience whether travelling alone, with a group or family. If you book yourself for one of the packages available in the numerous available excursions in Corfu, you can go ahead stress free, being sure that you will be taken care of.  Given below are a few excursion ideas for Corfu if you are visiting the place for the first time, it gives you ample of opportunity to relax and see the place all the while soaking in the hospitable Greek culture.

  • Day trips that include night shopping in Corfu Town, Greek nights where you dance the traditional Greek dance (they teach you how to as well as other fun activities like plate smashing, another Greek tradition). You could also hire a boat and check out Corfu by sea as there are a few places that can’t be reached by car or land transport.
  • If you wish to taste the different local wines as well as the cuisine, you could always opt to go to Ambelonas Corfu, a family owned vineyard, with a flower, vegetable and herb garden, this place has some beautifully scenic views that you can enjoy while touring the place as well as sampling their different products.
  • Then there are the different museums in Corfu, two of the best include the Shell Museum as well as the Corfu Aquarium. Both these museums have a large exclusive as well as extensive collection of specimens both rare and common. These are the places where both adults as well as children can enjoy an enriching as well as entertaining experience.
  • Obviously, if you come to Corfu, you would wish to spend some time on the lovely beaches. There are about three hundred of them on this island, from sandy to rocky. They have sun beds and different games as well as boats you can enjoy on. A variety of water sport activities are available and classes are given according to your skill level. Various bars, taverns, cafes as well as restaurants are located nearby so that you can grab a bite and enjoy the view up close.
  • There are various bars and clubs with good music so that if you wish to experience the Corfu nightlife, you can enjoy it to the most. These places have good drinks and food and promise to make your trip to Corfu memorable.

These are just a few of the excursions in Corfu that you can go for. If you wish, you can customize your own excursions in Corfu with any company you choose. There is ample of flexibility in such places, all they want is to you to have fun and have your money’s worth.